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#2, RE: OK, so, yeah
Posted by Gryphon on Jul-17-11 at 07:11 PM
In response to message #1
>What server, and when can I come bask in the fun/awesome? <grin>

Virtue, usually, but I don't keep office hours. Anyway, what I'm doing now isn't so much fun and awesome as blundering around trying to figure out how to work the levers. Not that entertaining to the outside observer, I would guess.

Think I spotted Star Ranger 4 in Indy Port last night, though. Or at least someone with a character named Star Ranger 4. :)

>Oh, and the button problem is worse than you might recall because
>there are far more things to cram into the interface these days.

I don't even dare to load Cap. He had too many buttons before. :)

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