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#10, RE: When life gives you lemons...
Posted by Gryphon on Aug-10-11 at 03:00 PM
In response to message #9
>Can the character design system produce anything close to "cute little
>girl that should be clutching a teddybear," or is it still inclined
>towards "huge tracts of land" on all female characters?

Player characters can't be children; you can make a three-foot-tall character if you like, but the overall shape will be that of a miniature adult. (In fact, I don't think the game engine has a "child" skeleton. You never see children on the street or in any of the various places where civilian NPCs gather.) For female characters, this means that, although it's possible to achieve fairly modest proportions by minimizing the chest and hips sliders, you're still not going to be able to pull off anything convincingly preadolescent.

Jen Rossum, for instance, has both of those sliders minimized, but you still would never mistake her for a fifth-grader (admittedly, the bulky jacket she's usually wearing doesn't help):

I actually had to mention that on a keyed screenshot I once put together as an artist's reference for a drawing of her in her "workin' around the machine shop" clothes - an image spec I ended up not sending, alas, perhaps I should resurrect it next time I'm called upon for one.

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