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#12, RE: When life gives you lemons...
Posted by SmkViper on Aug-16-11 at 11:06 AM
In response to message #9
>Can the character design system produce anything close to "cute little
>girl that should be clutching a teddybear," or is it still inclined
>towards "huge tracts of land" on all female characters?

This question actually came up on the Star Trek Online forums and was answered by one of Cryptic's community representatives named WishStone:

>One part of this is also: We cannot have "A Cups". You can make very, very small characters and to make sure no one is creating a child, a certain amount of upper circumference has to be there.
>Same reason, by the way, why all males either have an afternoon shade or full-blown beard of some kind.


(If you'll remember, Cryptic was the original developer of CoX before they sold the game to NCSoft)