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#6, RE: When life gives you lemons...
Posted by Gryphon on Aug-09-11 at 10:12 PM
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Speaking of things that are embarrassing, one of the main points of hype for Going Rogue besides the alignment system was the two hawt new power sets, and premature access to same if you preordered, which I didn't. One of them, Dual Pistols, is... well, it's absurd, but in a good way. Though the animations are so flamboyant that it makes you feel like an extra-special douche when you miss.

The other is a Demon Summoning set for Masterminds. This is seriously eyeroll-worthy. Its attack powers involve a whip and the demons have exactly the kind of heavy metal album cover art design you expect. It's so tacky you could use it to stick posters to the wall, and the NPC they added to show it off, Desdemona the not-much-black-leather-wearin' demon summoness, is beyond stereotyped even for a signature NPC in a generic comic-book-flavored universe.

So I didn't even look at that for almost a month, until today I finally decided, OK, I'll give it a shot, but only on my own terms.


Johnny doesn't even play heavy metal. He's the guitarist in a punk surf band. The whole thing is just deeply embarrassing to him.

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