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#2, RE: The Torch of Victory, revisited
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-07-11 at 05:04 PM
In response to message #1
>In another instance of real life copying UF, or at least having
>similar write staff, the tagline for the most recent of the
>Skulduggery Pleasant books (fairly good YA fiction, interesting magic
>system, lotsa gags) is "Kicking evil very hard in the face."
>This cannot be a coincidence.

I suspect it probably can, but I suppose it's possible that whoever's responsible for those books is also a Top Gear fan. I got the "punch... in the middle of its face" construction from Clarkson (as "killed to death" comes from May). Indeed, for my purposes "in the middle of its face" is really the critical part of the whole thing. :)

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