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#3, RE: Sad news: City of Heroes to go offline
Posted by ratinox on Aug-31-12 at 07:56 PM
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I'm not surprised by this. Actually, I'm surprised that it lasted this long. See, with the subscription model it is in the studio's interest to push the "best" content to the end-game. The studio wants to keep the paying subscribers paying for as long as it can, and pushing the best for last is the carrot. This can work even with niche games like CoX because the loyal subscriber base keeps paying.

This doesn't work for a free to play game. Free to play games depend heavily on a continuous influx of new players willing to fork over a few bucks here and there for the pay-for extras. City of Heroes hasn't been getting that influx. Yes, I am aware of the reports that the game has been "going strong", but "going strong" is not the same as "growing".