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#8, RE: So this popped up in my Twitter feed.
Posted by Wiregeek on Apr-22-19 at 02:28 AM
In response to message #5
Yo, Paragon, let's kick it!

Ice Ice Tanker
Ice Ice Tanker

Alright Stop.
Pay attention to this tank
Ice is back with a brand new enhancement
cold snap grabs ahold of you tightly
then I spike like a rosebush daily and nightly

Will it ever stop?
Yo, hell no.
Turn off the lights, and I'll glow
To the extreme, I rock a mic like the Council
Light up a stage and wax a boss like a candle

Bum rush the tanker that booms
I'm freezin' your brain like an ice cream doom
Deadly, when I bring a fire/kin with me
Anything less than The Legendary is a felony
Love it or leave it
You better drop exp
You better hit the tanker
The kid don't play
If there's a mob there
Yo, I'll solve it.
Check out the level while my blaster revolves it.

Ice Ice Tanker (x3)