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#6, RE: Homecoming Characters
Posted by BobSchroeck on Jul-17-19 at 09:59 PM
In response to message #3
>The Legendary is a going concern again (Bob Shroeck's old SG from way
>back. He did a good enough job running it that restarting it was my
>third priority, after getting logged in and making sure my costume was
>_just_ so.)

And not long after that, I signed up and recreated my particular favorite toon, Evangelia, who has been restored to her rightful position as leader of the Legendary. (Which has a strange story behind it, actually. I didn't create the SG back in the original game -- Eva was recruited into it at Level 5 or so by someone I met in a PUG. Then I ignored it for a few months, and when I finally decided to look in on it again, all the other members had vanished, leaving me in charge. So I started recruiting people I knew... and ended up with a Top 100 SG.)

Anyway, in addition to Eva, I've recreated St. Trinians Girl (Mace/Willpower Brute, redside) and Beach Baby (Water/Ice Blaster, blueside), and have several others waiting in the wings...

-- Bob
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