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#3, RE: Monsters (Pocket)
Posted by The Traitor on Nov-22-19 at 03:24 PM
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Klink is adorable and precious and I love its little blobby clown nose. Also it gets access to one of the best boosting moves in the game in Shift Gear, which gives you +2 Speed and +1 Attack in one go. Also, funfax: Klink's line is from the same generation (5) as the much-vilified ice cream and trash bag Pokémon (the Vanillite and Trubbish lines respectively). They are also my favourites because other people hate them and they just want to be your friend, why would you hate the cute thing that wants to be your friend, you absolute rotters.

Also, Let's Go has the capture mechanic that it does because it was based on the mobile game (Pokémon GO) that did the rounds a couple years ago. I couldn't get into it myself because my phone is from the dawn of bloody time but the missus likes it. Generally, capture mechanics in the main series games are quite different, so chaining is really best for hunting shinies. Of which there are two types in Sword: the conventional shower of sparkly stars, and the much rarer shower of sparkly rectangles. You have a base chance of 1 in 65,536 of a given 'mon being the sparkly rectangle shiny. Completionists and shiny hunters are currently competing to see how hard they can beat their heads against nearby blunt surfaces. =]

If you don't mind my asking, are there any particular Pokémon you'd consider a favourite?

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