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#31, RE: This Would've Been an Incident
Posted by Gryphon on Feb-03-22 at 05:40 PM
In response to message #30
>This is one of those things I can imagine happening in New Avalon.
>Some, mechanic in it for love rather than money just utterly
>rebuilding people's junkers.

Heh, yeah. It'd have to be someplace that doesn't advertise--people just stumble across it serendipitously (or seem to, anyway) when they have the greatest need.

As an experiment, I took a job to do some minor engine and exhaust work on a truly bedraggled Bolt Cargo (which is Legally Distinct from an '80s Chevy Econoline), minimum repair condition 40 percent, and totally restored the whole vehicle to factory new stock condition (i.e., standard tires and no performance/tuning parts). The overhaul cost me a total of cr12,548, including new tires, but since I was able to repair all of the body panels I didn't have to repaint the van (that would've been another cr1,000). When I returned it, I got paid cr4,591, which seems like more than just doing the minimum required for the job would have earned, but is quite a lot less than my actual cost for the work, so while my hypothesis that it's a predetermined reward seems to be wrong, it's still unclear to me how the game calculates the payoff for customer jobs.

In retrospect, probably what I should have done was take the job, save the game, do the minimum required on the job and see what it paid, then quit without saving, reload, and 100% the van to see what the difference was. Maybe I'll do that with some other vehicle later on and see what happens. It's of no importance, but I'm curious.

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