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#0, SRW 30 - you know shit's going to get weird ...
Posted by Rieverre on Nov-01-21 at 02:26 PM
... but not this weird ...

I mean, on one hand, I was expecting weirdness, having played OG and OG2 before. Glorious bunches of oddity and ham, they were.

But this is my first mainline Super Robot Wars game, and ... well, it's mashing the UC timeline, GaoGaiGar, Code Geass and a bunch of other things into a mess that somehow manages to make sense and make you laugh your ass off more often than not.

Case in point, for UC the timeline is after the Laplace Box incident. And my squad of well meaning mechjock murderhobos currently includes not only Pic Above, but also Amuro and Kamille ...

... yeah, Imma have fun with this one.