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#3, RE: OWaW 22: To Glory We Steer
Posted by Zemyla on Dec-26-20 at 00:10 AM
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>her new jet Striker was the most
>powerful unit yet fielded by the Empire of Fusō.

It really says something about how nuts this battle was that I'd forgotten about Yoshika's new Striker in between *waves hands at the rest of the fic*

>"We'll just have to improvise."

Sounds like someone's playing Gryph's tune.

>"Hattori, make a note: I'm 99.8 percent sure
>we're about to be the first people ever to air drop
>a heavy cruiser, but we'll need to make sure
>before we apply for the world record."

Whaaat? I thought that Mogami was just going to sail into combat. Also, they may have the record in this universe, but "air drop a heavy cruiser" sounds like something the WDF did back in the Golden Age - they saw what happened with the Fleet of Fog, developed a droppable ship, and used it exactly once before Sonset.

>field energized, phase space neutralized.

The former is Fleet of Fog terminology, but we haven't seen the lattet since NXE. Also, I sort of envision the way AT fields worked in NXE was sort of like, imagine someone in 2D space that is on top of a mesa. They can drop things on the people below, but are nearly impervious to anything down there. AT fields are the same, but in 3D.

Of course, that mental image doesn't fit with how Klein fields can seemingky be temporarily depleted by damage, unlike AT fields which require either neutralization or utter penetration, so it's an imperfect analogy.

>The first
>thing she came to, for instance, was a Mercedes-
>Benz automobile strapped down on a shipping
>pallet, no doubt the property of one of the first-
>class passengers.

And second cousin to the car in the hold of the Titanic in NXE 3:1.

>"I shouldn't sit there too long if I were you,"
>Alice said coolly. "It could be detrimental to your
>"I got a protection spell up," Marisa replied,
>unconcerned. "This ain't my first rodeo with this

That sounds radioactive.

>"How would they even know about it, though?"
>Marisa wondered. "That it's here, or even what it
>is? It ain't like they have an intelligence network."

It seems odd that neither of them conjectures that the Neuroi can sense the special materials in question, the same way they sense and react to magic.

>At the very back, behind the crated art objects
>and the Mercedes-Benz car, the collection of crates
>labeled TUBE ALLOYS had no comment of their own
>to offer.

*googles* Yep, that's radioactive.

>And then the fairies came.

I said "Hell yes" out loud here.

>"Took ya damn time about fully
>synchronizin', di'n'cha?"

Wait, did Hattori or Hutchins put in some kind of fairy nest, or is it Mogami synchronizing with Mogami somehow? Also, did the bosun of the original ship have a cigar and Kansai accent as well?

>They came the same way their reinforcements
>now appeared, rising out of the sea.

Man, isn't the brass glad they didn't ship the tube alloys by submarine now?

>"... I am in complete control,"

That's either confidence or hubris, I can't tell.

>the altered cruiser slowed, then reverted
>to her original configuration.

That's a massive relief.

>but there's one critical difference.

The captain is wrong about the difference. WARLOCK and the Yamato were trying to replace witches. Here, there's still a witch involved.

>thinks something is influencing them, but she's no
>idea why or how.

Honestly, I don't see who would be doing it even. Neuroi have supposedly beem attacking humanity since the dawn of time, so is this a new development?

>"I want to get over to Paris," said Gryphon

Yep, something came up. I can only imagine the effort he had to keep a poker face during the debriefing and denouement.