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#4, RE: OWaW 22: To Glory We Steer
Posted by Astynax on Dec-26-20 at 01:22 AM
In response to message #3
>>field energized, phase space neutralized.
>The former is Fleet of Fog terminology, but we haven't seen the lattet
>since NXE. Also, I sort of envision the way AT fields worked in NXE
>was sort of like, imagine someone in 2D space that is on top of a
>mesa. They can drop things on the people below, but are nearly
>impervious to anything down there. AT fields are the same, but in 3D.

Ah, so that's why 'phase space neutralized' was pinging for recognition. Been a while since I've consumed anything Evangelion so i was scratching my head a bit about where I'd heard that phrase.

>>"I want to get over to Paris," said Gryphon
>Yep, something came up. I can only imagine the effort he had to keep a
>poker face during the debriefing and denouement.

Huh, I read that more that the man simply wanted to get to his lady love now that doing so was a semi-feasible option, as opposed to her either being inside a nigh impenetrable time-space bubble, or more recently across the Channel with both of them having respective important business to tend to. "Something came up" would, I'd expect, trigger a more forceful and immediate reaction than pondering unauthorized use of the Reichsmarine motor pool.

"This Space For Rent."