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#5, RE: OWaW 22: To Glory We Steer
Posted by Gryphon on Dec-26-20 at 01:23 AM
In response to message #3
>Whaaat? I thought that Mogami was just going to sail into

Would've taken her too long to get there! Ships are slow, even the relatively fast ones.

>>field energized, phase space neutralized.
>The former is Fleet of Fog terminology, but we haven't seen the lattet
>since NXE.

That is true, although it ought to be kept in mind that a Karlsland sailor in 1946 might not mean precisely the same thing that a Fog vessel in the 2400s or a NERV technician in 2015 means by either term.

>>The first
>>thing she came to, for instance, was a Mercedes-
>>Benz automobile strapped down on a shipping
>>pallet, no doubt the property of one of the first-
>>class passengers.
>And second cousin to the car in the hold of the Titanic in NXE 3:1.

There was a car on the real Titanic, too (although it was a Renault; there was no such thing as Mercedes-Benz in 1912).

>It seems odd that neither of them conjectures that the Neuroi can
>sense the special materials in question, the same way they sense and
>react to magic.

Well, that leads to the same quandary by a different route, anyway--why would they care?

>Wait, did Hattori or Hutchins put in some kind of fairy nest, or is it
>Mogami synchronizing with Mogami somehow?

The latter.

>Also, did the bosun
>of the original ship have a cigar and Kansai accent as well?

Possibly. No definite data.

>>They came the same way their reinforcements
>>now appeared, rising out of the sea.
>Man, isn't the brass glad they didn't ship the tube alloys by
>submarine now?

At least submarines are armed...

>>but there's one critical difference.
>The captain is wrong about the difference. WARLOCK and the
>Yamato were trying to replace witches. Here, there's still a
>witch involved.

"All right, there are two critical differences--amongst the critical differences are such diverse elements as...

>>thinks something is influencing them, but she's no
>>idea why or how.
>Honestly, I don't see who would be doing it even. Neuroi have
>supposedly beem attacking humanity since the dawn of time, so is this
>a new development?

They've never been smart enough to do things like work together and have discernible goals before this war. (And it's not entirely clear from the historical record whether the "monsters" recorded before the twentieth-century Neuroi wars really were Neuroi. The history of this particular world, as Remilia's father's journals note, has never been short on supernatural enemies of humankind.)

This latest pattern, where they seem to have some kind of intelligence-gathering capability, and the capacity to make use of what it acquires, is new, and very unsettling to combatants used to regarding them as (as Eila once put it) not smart enough to be treacherous.

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