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#8, RE: OWaW 22: To Glory We Steer
Posted by Star Ranger4 on Dec-26-20 at 01:08 PM
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Thanks for a great christmas present G. Loved every bit of it, though it wasn't until I looked at the annotations I got the fuel storage joke.

For myself, I didn't forget about Yoshika's new striker, but was drawing a blank on why the proffessor was aboard at first. Then finally my mental indexi pulled up he's the New Karsland equivalent of Group Captain Whittle.

Nor was I that surprised at the Fleet of Fog terms floating about as it also sank in that Her Kaptain was, in fact, effectively the ships mental model. Wasn't until the lift lifted her up to the 'traditional' position for such I got it. At that point, all the 'special' terms started making a lot more sense.

I assume I am also parsing this right that since Fleet is over, most of what G is doing is finalizing and getting the rest of Mogami's rig right, at which time that engineering LT will take over as production, repair and refit supervisor?

I can only hope that while UF-G gets on with his life with Remilia and the 501st, the muses still have a few scenes of the ongoing life for Our fighting Fleet. If it was me, I'd homeport the Euginnie at castle rock, concentrating (for good or ill) the anti sea special magic forces in one place.

Also, from Shirley's comment about ON the water, one gets the feeling there is the occasional sea witch, but they don't skate across the top of the water the way Kanmusu do? Meh. To much curiosity. Investigating it too closely.