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#0, Where to begin?
Posted by Offsides on Jan-18-21 at 02:36 PM
Um... wow. There's a LOT posted since I last read/commented, and I honestly don't think nitpicking little details is either beneficial nor something I have time for, but I did want to touch on a few points.

First of all, I like the whole Gallian Gothic arc in general, even if I can't say it grabbed me quite as hard some of the other various storylines have. That said, I think part of that is that it's been so long since I've been deep into EPU, and so I didn't quite remember everything that had happened. I honestly had forgotten that all of this happened after Kei's disappearance but before Warriors of the Outer Rim determined she was alive, so at first Gryphon's reactions felt off. But once I remembered all the details it made more sense. I will admit I wasn't expecting him to fall quite so far into the deep end quite so quickly, but I do recall his tendency to love people hard and fast in general, so it works. Not sure how he is going to deal with Remi's intent to share equally with Flan, but that's for another time. :)

The whole Mogami arc is just plain fun - I still don't know what the underlying reality of that situation is, but way Gryphon and co. are dealing with it seems very logical (in the illogical reality of the Strike Witches universe :)). I look forward to seeing her fully equipped.

Other than that, nothing stands out right now (but I'm distracted, so I might think of more later), but I'm certainly enjoying things and look forward to more. In all honestly, part of me looked at the rate of release prior to the new year and was surprised to see there hasn't been a new one yet, but I also know the realities of writing and that the speed of one episode doesn't imply the speed of another. :)

That's it for now, and I look forward to the next part!


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