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#11, RE: Where to begin?
Posted by trboturtle2 on Jan-25-21 at 12:25 PM
In response to message #6
>>>I'm not sure there would be an official entry in the series. The man
>>>has been quite fortunate in terms of both quantity and quality of
>>>paramours over the years, but he's not Ghengis Khan levels of
>>>prolific. I could see the Valkyries having an unofficial copy for
>>>humor purposes though, similar to So You Want To Be in a
>>>Relationship with Corwin (But He Hasn't Noticed)
that they will
>>>neither confirm nor deny the existence of.
>>HAH! That's an awesome idea. My money is it'd be written by Gudrun,
>>probably the only Valkyrie who wouldn't be interested herself, but for
>>whom it would be grand theater. A nice companion piece to her winning
>>the odds board.
>Honestly, given the events of Among Honest Hearts, Gudrun
>should write a second edition, with a foreword by Utena and Anthy.

Second Edition? I thought they would be up to Fifth edition by now......