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#5, RE: Where to begin?
Posted by Verbena on Jan-18-21 at 10:54 PM
In response to message #4
>I'm not sure there would be an official entry in the series. The man
>has been quite fortunate in terms of both quantity and quality of
>paramours over the years, but he's not Ghengis Khan levels of
>prolific. I could see the Valkyries having an unofficial copy for
>humor purposes though, similar to So You Want To Be in a
>Relationship with Corwin (But He Hasn't Noticed)
that they will
>neither confirm nor deny the existence of.

HAH! That's an awesome idea. My money is it'd be written by Gudrun, probably the only Valkyrie who wouldn't be interested herself, but for whom it would be grand theater. A nice companion piece to her winning the odds board.

Authors of our fates
Orchestrate our fall from grace
Poorest players on the stage
Our defiance drives us straight to the edge