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#16, RE: teaser/frag 2: GG3/V
Posted by Gryphon on May-13-21 at 07:05 PM
In response to message #15
>I wasn't entirely sure until the Librarian was named that Patchouli
>had actually gotten to Dìqiú, and now I'm very curious how that


(Less flippantly, we'll get into that later.)

>Also somewhat unnerved at the idea that Patchouli somehow knows a
>couple orders of magnitude more things than Wan Shi Tong. No wonder he
>behaved himself around her.

It may not literally be true that she knows a hundred times more things than he does, but when you kick an ass as thoroughly as Patchy kicked his when she first moved into the Library, that ass's owner had better address you with respect thenceforth. :)

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