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#7, RE: microfrag: OWaW 23
Posted by Croaker on Jul-12-21 at 02:25 AM
In response to message #5
True, true. There are many moments in the wonderful world of UF where that kind of thing happens. Like this bit:

"Oh, wonderful shooting," said Ben sarcastically,
brushing off his overcoat. (wub wub wub)
"It's not my fault," Kei replied defensively. "He threw
a spoon at me!" (wub wub wub)
"Yeah," Yuri said, "but everything was under control
until you put the laser bolt into the Jell-O."
"I must agree," said Ben, "putting excited photons into
DAKA Jell-O is a big mistake. Experimental evidence would
seem to bear that out." (wub wub wub)