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#16, RE: OWaW 10, at last
Posted by goldenfire on Mar-24-15 at 05:53 PM
In response to message #15
LAST EDITED ON Mar-24-15 AT 05:53 PM (EDT)

"I've been thinking about that for most of the day, in the back of my head, while
I've been doing other stuff," he said. "I wondered myself about everything you've
just said... but I think I have a plan. I don't know if it'll work, any more than
I knew what you and I did would work when we started out... but I think it's
worth a shot."

so my first thought? Gun Kata...and wondering if Geoff (or one of the tetragrammaton) will make an appearance.

I have no idea the actual likelihood of this being the answer -- I've long since learned that my brain doesn't work like other people's :)

... but it's the thought that crossed my mind.

* edit: missed a close paren...what is this, Scheme?