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#19, RE: OWaW 07: a fragment
Posted by Croaker on Mar-02-15 at 10:50 AM
In response to message #11
>>Indeed so.
>>I've been reading quite a bit of Strike Witches fiction lately (okay,
>>mostly Strike Witches Quest and its derivatives - that's pretty much
>>the only other really good Strike Witches fiction). But this... wow.
>Then we did them justice. :) Thank you both!

Have to agree with Drak, this was really well-done. I loved pretty much every scene in this chapter.

Gryph unpacking: "Oh, wait, this one's Trude's." :)

Perrine's concession speech, and the whole gesture: Gorgeous. Absolutely lovely.
And how very, very French.

Mio & Minna: Can I join that round of applause?

I get the feeling we won't be seeing the last of Skorzeny.

(It's amusing, he just got a mention in a StrikeWitchesQuest chapter I was reading. By '89 he's considered something of a hero, the father of modern special operations forces....)