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Posted by Nova Floresca on Feb-13-15 at 04:21 AM
"Operation Grass-Snake" certainly is fitting, considering the man behind it is a verifiable snake-in-the-grass (among other choice euphemisms).

Which brings to mind a couple of questions, namely:
1) what was General von Ridiculous going to do when his candy-coated zeppelin drew more attention than the actual rocket-pack guys, leading to either a search for Neuroi collaborators or a desire to build one to see if it could be used to sneak up on the Neuroi?
2) was the actual Neuroi there to pop the Kaiser as well, or was it just chasing down the Knickebein beam to see what that did? Or was it there because of the imposter? (I don't remember if the Neuroi are shown to have complex enough emotions to lodge a protest over being so poorly represented, or the like).

"This is probably a stupid question, but . . ."