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#15, RE: Graphical bonus
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-21-15 at 03:33 PM
In response to message #14
>In Gryphon's profile in the "Old Tricks" teaser thread, he's noted as
>having a Fusō-style magic circle, despite obviously not being a
>witch. Is that an artifact of the whole "dramatized for your
>protection" thing, or did the underlying fabric of Dimension GCC
>#332/S actually go "okay, this dude has obviously supernatural
>abilities which come from a fighting style that traces its origins to
>Fusō, so he needs a Fusō-style circle"?

Either is possible, though it's more likely to be because he figured out how to project a barrier after seeing Mio do it during New Tricks, so the visible manifestation that comes with it naturally looks like hers. (Cargo cult sorcery. :)

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