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#17, RE: Graphical bonus
Posted by The Traitor on Jan-21-15 at 04:59 PM
In response to message #15
Given what certain other properties have done with the magical symbol of an eight-pointed star that has one point stretched out beyond the others... yeah, that might have Consequences. =]

I'm not being serious, of course. Games Workshop's properties have no place in UF, with the possible exception of some of their expansions to the Tolkienverse. I don't even know if UF Earth is Arda or Arda-compliant, but I doubt it. Too much potential for weird...

"She's old, she's lame, she's barren too, // "She's not worth feed or hay, // "But I'll give her this," - he blew smoke at me - // "She was something in her day." -- Garnet Rogers, Small Victory

FiMFiction.net: we might accept blatant porn involving the cast of My Little Pony but as God is my witness we have standards.

(also the theory that the Vashta Nerada are the Here is Arda-compliant if time travel is a thing so there's that)