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#19, Another Profile
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-21-15 at 10:56 PM
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Hannelore Augusta Ulrike Freifrau von Hammer
Rittmeister, Karlsländische Luftstreitkräfte
Captain of Cavalry, (Old) Karlsland Imperial Air Service

Nationality: Karlsland
Date of birth: April 12, 1901
Familiar: Grey wolf
Striker model: Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1A/U5 Sturmvogel
Weapon of choice: Mk 108 30mm autocannon (x2)

Baroness Hannelore von Hammer was a member, and ultimately rose to be commander, of Jagdgeschwader I of the Luftstreitkräfte - the original brigade of flying witches fielded by Karlsland in the First Neuroi War. In 1946 she's by far the oldest operational witch in the world, having defied the "Witch's Fate" for two and a half decades and counting, and has long since become the last of the "Originals" still in the air. Among the younger witches of the European Theater, she has a fearsome reputation. It's whispered that she maintains her power through sheer force of will. It's an open question whether that iron will or her vast experience has chiefly enabled her to tame the flawed and temperamental Me 262 Sturmvogel Jet Striker, a treacherous beast whose quirks have humbled more than a few of Karlsland's top aces.

Whichever, she's widely reputed to be cold and humorless even by Karlsländer standards: fiercely intolerant of the slightest fault, informality, or lapse in military discipline by her fellow witches. Many of her young colleagues would rather face the Neuroi any day than fly under the scrutiny of the witch they call the Hammer of Hell.

As a living legend and a personal confidante of Kaiser Friedrich IV (who, performing his family's traditional military service as Leutnant Friedrich Prinz von Preußen, served as her crew chief during the First War), von Hammer answers to no modern-day rank and belongs to no unit, but instead roams the Luftwaffe's area of operation as she sees fit. Her red Me 262 bears the old-fashioned Tatzenkreuz insignia of the Luftstreitkräfte rather than modern-day Karlsland's Balkenkreuz.

Tatzenkreuz, 1914-1925Balkenkreuz, 1925-

(If she looks familiar to the Fly Girls fans in the audience, that's because the animators of Our Witches at War are having a little joke...)