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#31, RE: Another Profile
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-30-15 at 01:07 AM
In response to message #22
>"Some say that she was built in 1914 on the orders of His Majesty the
>Kaiser, and that she can never die. All we know is, she's called the

Heh. As it happens, Hannelore von Hammer comes from a very long line of witches - indeed, a lineage that is specifically named for its magical heritage. It was, after all, the 15th-century German witch Heinrikke Kramer whose spellbook, Der Hexenhammer (or, to give it it somewhat sententious Latin title - the Romans were stroppy about witches - Malleus Maleficarum), was the standard manual of European witchcraft from 1486 until Alysande Crowley's The Book of the Law was published in 1904. Whichever old Prussian king created the barony of Hammer presumably named it thus in honor of the prowess shown by the witch who was originally ennobled.

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