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#10, RE: OWAW #17
Posted by Gryphon on Jul-22-15 at 01:29 PM
In response to message #9
LAST EDITED ON Jul-22-15 AT 01:34 PM (EDT)
>All excellent, except for one rather minor thing, related to the
>above. Well, it's not not excellent, it's just a bit of a head
>That part is 'неавити', which I can't make heads nor tails of.
>No matter what translation service I try to use, it returns,
>basically, 'huh?' Either on it's own or through what it DOES return
>making no sense, at least to me.

Might be a typo (a quirk in the production process makes putting Cyrillic writing in the actual story files harder than you would think); I'll check it. Otherwise, translations for those lines will be provided in the annotations Real Soon Now.

Yup, mangled Cyrillic markup. It's fixed now.

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