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Posted by Gryphon on Jan-23-15 at 02:46 AM
On track for tomorrow, Godzilla willing and the creek don't rise. Here's a snippet.

"You should thank Perrine when you get a chance. Trude, too. You've got a pint of blood from each of them roaming around in you now."

Gryphon opened his eyes to regard her, then grinned slightly. "Essences of Gallia and Karlsland, eh? That explains why I feel a strange urge to attack myself without provocation, preferably in a way that violates Belgican neutrality."

Mio snorted, a little guiltily, and said, "That's awful."

"Yeah, true. And not even fair," he admitted. "I mean, that only happened once so far in this timeline, not three times."

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