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#0, New Tricks
Posted by zwol on Jan-04-15 at 01:35 PM
This returns to the basic structure of the older one-shots (most obviously Aegis Florea), in which UF-Gryphon falls headfirst into whichever anime has captured RL-Gryphon's attention this month -- only with the benefit of a decade-plus of additional writing experience. It works well in this context. We don't really need to see the entire Strike Witches plotline play out to appreciate Mio's problem and G's approach to solving it. I personally also liked seeing K-ryu training applied to someone with an entirely different starting character build than the Rose Duelists.

The triumphant return of the Rocket Attack USA monologue is appreciated.

I have no idea which sentai team that's supposed to be in the opening short, but it was fun to watch anyway.