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#11, RE: New Tricks
Posted by mouse_rr on Jan-04-15 at 11:38 PM
In response to message #5
being a big fan of Strike Witches i kinda figured they would fit nicely into the UF universe and i couldnt approve more at how it was done, including vividred was an added bonus.

while i enjoyed the 'propeller driven pants' line(truly glad i wasnt taking a drink or eating when i hit that part of the teaser) i think it is slightly inaccurate ... the striker units are more akin to propeller driven boots as they are technically thigh-highs and not a complete magic flying techno-sorcerous-pantaloons set but still Well Worth It.

i do hope there is more to come because, near as i can tell, technically pandoras box was flung open for their world with Mio's return. my understanding of the SW universe was that the Neuroi didnt adopt their modern technoform until the global tech level reached a point both conventional and magic-augmented weapon platforms came into play and the introduction of 2 new elements in an already dynamically shifting system would be very disruptive. the 'force teaching' change seems the most pronounced as initially it would be the most obvious. How many retired combat witches would, like Mio, jump at the chance to return to the fight they were forced to quit? considering the state of the war id wager a fair number.(i know this is addressed to a degree in the post i am replying to but it does represent a significant shift in their universe, also noted in the post)

the other change is her mindreading goggles ... it is obvious from the series that hard core tech is pushed and not always in Good Directions, her goggles represent the equivalent of an 'aliens crashed in the desert and we learned how to do Cool Things from the wreckage' event. If ordered by a higher-up-the-chain commander under the premise that it could give the war effort the edge needed to win would Mio refuse to hand over her Advance Eye Wear because of previous experiences with science pushed in Dangerous Directions or would she understand that such revolutionary tech could be as game-changing as the Magic Engine itself was? she herself might not understand the full impact of 'mind control hardware' but there are those who would and not all of them are 'friendly' towards witches.

1 of the more threatening 'unintended consequences' is kind of easy to see, if the Neuroi adapted to the advances in weaponry once then they would do so again especially something that is so out of place as that. one could envision that, since the Neuroi of their current time resemble technological systems comparable to weapons platform evolutions spanning the 50yr+ gap between our WWII and current times the _next_ Neuroi evolution might include things so advanced in design form they eclipse everything that came before. How would the witches handle a Star Destroyer class Neuroi? sure they have fought some Big iterations but a shift of several orders of magnitude is something else entirely.

however it goes i certainly look forward to it.