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#25, RE: New Tricks
Posted by mouse_rr on Jan-05-15 at 01:01 PM
In response to message #20
oi, i figure i made it clear that it was just a potential issue i saw and why. we have real world example of 'inexplicable to lesser developed cultures' tech causing great disruption here (radio gods anyone?) i did particularly like the idea personally but i also look at this kinds of things from a decidedly different perspective. i cant help that unintended consequences of good intentions trigger the 'what if...' train of thought, st:tos set that firmly in mind and it has been a meter i apply liberally.

*shrug* i dont like having to stick with 'that was cool cant wait for moar' and being the type that usually enjoys debate on potential 'what if...'s i find it somewhat disappointing that this is the kind of reaction given. yeah in some view i may over-analyze but for me, thats a big part of the fun. i can say i wont be making this mistake again.