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#31, RE: New Tricks
Posted by The Traitor on Jan-05-15 at 06:04 PM
In response to message #23
>1) BREATHE, son! You keep talking like that you'll pass out.

And That's Terrible.

For real, though, there's a difference between analyzing and paranoia. I think there is potential for this to be destabilizing... assuming that everyone involved, including Mio, is a sufficient calibre of idiot. Broom Handle over there seems to disregard this assumption in favour of a HELP HELP THE SKY IS FALLING deal in which giving one cavemen a musket kills everyone ever. Time and linear causality don't work that way in reality, they don't work that way in pessimistic sci-fi, and they definitely don't work that way in the kind of optimistic pulpy Boy's Own Adventure story that UF is trying to be.

Simply put, have a cup of tea and calm down a bit. The sky is not falling, nor is it going to fall. If something goes wrong in UF, it's so that somebody can fix it. Heroically. Usually by punching Akio Ohtori in the face a bunch.

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