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#37, RE: New Tricks
Posted by Silversword on Jan-08-15 at 09:53 AM
In response to message #8

>Well, he has his swords with him during his original visit to 1943, so
>we can assume it was sometime after 2335 - well after the Golden Age
>WDF had gone the way of all things. Whether it was during the Exile
>or very early in FI (possibly between 2380 and 2388) I'm not certain

Pretty sure it'd have to be early FI. For it to have happened after his time on Sendai to have learnt "La Boheme", but before the events of Star-Crossed (apparantly a mere 3 years later)? I can't see UF!Gryph finding the time to be messing about with a jetpack, carrying a WDF challenge coin at all, and being something approximating cheerful in that time-span of the Exile. Early FI, messing about in the early stages of the pseudocontinent? Sure, that I can believe.