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#40, RE: New Tricks
Posted by jhosmer1 on Dec-07-16 at 10:41 AM
In response to message #5
>>It's a common trend, in reality and fiction, that in situations like
>>the one Mio was in, that the only 'realistic' option is for her to
>>come to terms with the fact she'd never fight again, she'd never be
>>able to fly, and try to find something else that gives her life
>I know, right?
>(spoilers for Strike Witches the Movie below;

<Space kept spoiler free>

> Not in my house. Not for a
>character as awesome as her.

I just watched the Strike Witches movie the other day, and your post here helped clear up some confusion about where OWaW Mio and Canonical Mio diverge (though her choice of transport could have been necessary to deliver that package to Yoshika).

I take it that New Tricks takes place before Operation Mars in SW2, as I noticed a very familiar confrontation between Mio and Minna there (Mio flying out for one last time, only to nearly hit Minna at the hangar doors)? Your scene was a lot better in its resolution.

Still, watching the Movie after reading OWaW, I could help but exclaim when Yoshika recovered her magic "Damn, Yoshika just tapped the Force big-time." :) If she ever attends Zauberschule, I expect there's not much she'll need to learn.

I also felt Mio channeled a bit of Egg Shen with her (non)explanation of the arrival of the "Artillery Support" at the end. ("How'd you do that?" "Wasn't easy!") (My wife, who has been to Germany, notes that the Rhine can be jumped across at points, but, hey, magic.)

Now 5 episodes into Brave Witches, and Nipa's already lost at least one Striker unit (to locusts! in Orussia! in Fall/Winter!)