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#7, RE: New Tricks
Posted by Nathan on Jan-04-15 at 09:34 PM
In response to message #5
>In fact... I wasn't thinking about this consciously when I wrote the
>story, but in hindsight I must've known it on some level: What Mio and
>Gryphon have just set in motion there could be the revolutionization
>not just of her life, but of witchery in general. Mio's an
>instructor at heart, it's a theme that crops up time and again on the
>show, and she's just picked up what could be the key to
>life-begins-at-20 for, if not all witches, at least quite a
>number of them.
>Not that every single one of them would want to stay on active
>duty, nor be willing or able to put in the work required to unlock it.
> Few people have Mio Sakamoto's burning drive to stay in the game.
>But enough of them would, I suspect, that K-ryƫ, or a newly-named
>variant of it Mio may establish under her own name, could become a
>movement. That's potentially huge, it could change that entire

This occurred to me also, but so did a kind of a slight thematic problem I see with the... arc of UFG's involvement, so to speak.

Specifically, Mio's Earth is fighting a desperate battle against an alien invasion force! OK, makes sense. Random big time galactic hero arrives, helps out! With you so far. Finds his way home, content in the knowledge that the good fight is being fought!

...Well, maybe. Assuming that the state of the art in his home era isn't adequate to maintain regular contact, even though Saving A Planet From An Alien Invasion would otherwise be right up the Golden Age WDF's alley, it makes sense that they'd be unable to do more than send best wishes.

...But the sorcerous and technological resources available to UFG in the Future Imperfect era are substantially greater. It seems odd that it wouldn't occur to him to offer Mio's world more aid than he was able to lend her herself - although I grant that full details on that might be beyond the scope of a Brave and the Bold episode, I kind of picture a paragraph or so at the end where he's getting on the phone to a contact at the WDF and telling them to talk to Doctor Ravenhair and General Shinguuji about sending a Master Race task force to relieve a low-tech world under attack.


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