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#8, RE: New Tricks
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-04-15 at 10:20 PM
In response to message #7
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>Finds his way home, content in
>the knowledge that the good fight is being fought!
>...Well, maybe. Assuming that the state of the art in his home era
>isn't adequate to maintain regular contact, even though Saving A
>Planet From An Alien Invasion would otherwise be right up the Golden
>Age WDF's alley, it makes sense that they'd be unable to do more than
>send best wishes.

Well, he has his swords with him during his original visit to 1943, so we can assume it was sometime after 2335 - well after the Golden Age WDF had gone the way of all things. Whether it was during the Exile or very early in FI (possibly between 2380 and 2388) I'm not certain of.

>I kind
>of picture a paragraph or so at the end where he's getting on the
>phone to a contact at the WDF and telling them to talk to Doctor
>Ravenhair and General Shinguuji about sending a Master Race task force
>to relieve a low-tech world under attack.

There are probably Rules about that, given that it's an interdimensional thing. (Also, he may not actually know how to get back, though one does suspect he knows people who could find it.) It might be possible to arrange some more subtle form of aid, but given how tense the situation is on Earth-332/S anyway, mounting what would amount to an obvious full-scale counterinvasion could well cause Further Panic.

That said, I rather doubt that this is the last we hear about the matter.

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