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#9, RE: New Tricks
Posted by Nathan on Jan-04-15 at 10:31 PM
In response to message #8
>Well, he has his swords with him during his original visit to 1943, so
>we can assume it was sometime after 2335 - well after the Golden Age
>WDF had gone the way of all things. Whether it was during the Exile
>or very early in FI (possibly between 2380 and 2388) I'm not certain

Ah, I hadn't caught that detail. Oops! Mea culpa.

>There are probably Rules about that, given that it's an
>interdimensional thing. (Also, he may not actually know how to get
>back, though one does suspect he knows people who could find it.) It
>might be possible to arrange some more subtle form of aid, but given
>how tense the situation is on Earth-332/S anyway, mounting what would
>amount to an obvious full-scale counterinvasion could well cause
>Further Panic.

I'd figured it'd require running a mystic trace based on the connection to Reppenmaru Sakura picked up during its reforging, yeah. But, well, Skuld's perfectly capable of that.

>That said, I rather doubt that this is the last we hear about the

Works for me!


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"Yes, and it was glorious."