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#12, RE: Salmiakkikoskenkorva!!
Posted by Gryphon on Feb-20-17 at 02:23 PM
In response to message #11
>>>You misspelled tasty.
>>I recently heard that taste described as "root beer filtered through a
>>coin jar."
>My analysis was "root beer with an aftertaste of burning tires."

Whereas cola is flavored largely with an extract of the kola nut, Moxie's principal flavorant is an extract of gentian root. In the real world, gentian root is the kind of thing that 18th-century backwoodsmen resorted to in a futile attempt to treat ailments that modern medical science doesn't even recognize, things with names like like "scrumbles" and "the falling damps".

I hear it's also good against the marthambles.
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