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#18, RE: (teaser) Neon Generation: Exodus 2035
Posted by BZArcher on Nov-10-05 at 08:12 AM
In response to message #16
>>I'm tempted to test this newfound mojo and start going through some of
>>the Gods Willing stuff to see what falls out afterwards.
>>Though I suppose I could take bids on where to use my powers for good
>>or ill.
>"Did you understand that?"
>"No, didn't get a word of it!"
>I'm not following you, Jonesey. If you're saying you're tempted to
>try and continue a petered-out EPU series on your own, uh, please

No, no, no. I meant that since I finished the last chapter of NXE the day before you posted this, I'm hoping I can read the last chapter posted of something else and get lucky. :D

>(it's spelled "villain", by the way)

Ack - will fix. Thanks!