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#0, EPU Discussion Forum AUP
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-02-04 at 11:57 PM
LAST EDITED ON Jan-23-12 AT 02:50 PM (EST)
Last revised January 17, 2006

Had to touch it on January 22, 2012, so it'd go back above the emergency-contact-info post again. Only one actual word, besides these, added on that date.

Welcome to the Eyrie Productions, Unlimited Discussion Forum.

Here's a little background information on where you are now. This board is for the discussion of Eyrie Productions, Unlimited's various works, as well as the EPU group itself and the eyrie-productions.com website. You'll find several boards for EPU's flagship product, Undocumented Features, and a project-specific board for discussion of each other individual EPU continuing universe, as well as the Eyrie Miscellaneous category, which is for discussing EPU works that aren't part of any of the ongoing worlds (such as the things you'll find in the Subterranean Vault of Oddities and Wonders).

What we're looking for here isn't blind sycophancy, but rather intelligent discussion of our works, our worlds, our methods, and our website. This isn't a dial-up BBS or Slashdot or Fark, it's a literary organization's discussion forum. We ask that our users make their best efforts to spell things right, use something approaching decent English (sorry, but it's the only language I know), and try to approach things with reason and thought. Questions are good, but doing some research before asking is also good and very much appreciated. Disagreeing is also good, but be prepared to offer some reasoned arguments for your viewpoint if you want to be taken seriously.

In recognition of the fact that EPU readers make up, just by being gathered together, a community of sorts, there's also a place provided for general communtity chatter, the discussion of common interests, and so forth. This is a privilege that has been revoked in the past and might get the axe again in the future, so treat it with respect. Community-building is important; stupid flamewars over the true meaning of the works of Joss Whedon (just as an example) are not, and will be dealt with severely.

Important tip: Users with red, blue, or green person icons by their names are either administrators (red), moderators (blue), or members of the EPU creative team (green). The red users' word is law, period. The blue users' word is law unless contradicted by a red. The green users, too, are to be respected and listened to if they ask for behavior to be moderated or a topic to be dropped. This isn't a democracy and the general user has very few genuine rights, only privileges which we, the people who run the place, may take away at any time if we feel they're not being put to any constructive purpose.

And now, the pseudo-legal boilerplate: The administrator (that would be me) reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the user agreement without prior notice to the user (that would be you). It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review the terms of this agreement.

The user agrees to the following terms:

1. All information that you provide to us for your membership is correct.
2. You will not use your membership to spam, harass, or exploit other members in any way.
3. Abusive, racist, and/or sexist language will not be tolerated. At all. Period. Insult or attack another user and you're out. I didn't start this board so people could call other people names.
4. No mass posting or flooding of the boards is allowed.
5. Please confine any sigblock graphics you might wish to use to something like a LiveJournal userpic or UBB avatar - say no bigger than 100x100.

Thanks for reading and abiding by this message. Have fun exploring our worlds and please bring your thoughts on them to our table - peacefully.

Benjamin D. "Gryphon" Hutchins, EPU editor-in-chief
on behalf of the whole Eyrie staff