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#0, Forum back in service... kind of.
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-21-14 at 12:03 PM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-21-14 AT 03:44 PM (EDT)

Here's the short version: The Forum still appears to be somewhat broken, but though we have a few leads, we're not sure what's actually going wrong with it yet, nor whether it's an artifact of the great migration, the lesser migration (the latter seems unlikely based on certain matters of timing), or what. This is still under investigation, but for the moment, what we're going to do is turn it back on and observe its behavior under operating conditions for a while.

For the moment, the UF Mini-Stories forum (where the worst of the damage was happening) is still shut off while Dave investigates. We restored it from a recent backup last night and it was still slightly broken, at which point I ran the Forum's automated "rebuild database" function and it went completely to bits in exactly the same way as it had the first time, which was both alarming and informative. Dave then restored it from backups again and is now digging around in the backend.

Pardon our dust, etc.

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