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#0, Lying Bastard Scrabble, anyone?
Posted by kitsuneko1976 on Apr-02-05 at 03:01 AM
I really hope I put this one in the proper section of the forum or am I gonna feel sheepish...

My co-workers and I have taken to playing Scrabble when it gets unbarably slow at work, which is often (one hour photo store and it's neither summer nor the holidays...lotsa free moments), and I made a casual mention of Lying Bastard Scrabble, which I first heard about in one of the Symphony stories. As there was quite a bit of interest, I did the prerequisite Google search, and came up with quite a few hits. (Yours came up in the first 20, I might add.) Unfortunately, nothing had the rules, just references to lying bastards playing Scrabble...( I pitched in the towel after 50 hits...)

So, I said to myself, why not go to the person(s?) who implanted the concept in your brain and ask? So, is this some codified form of Scrabble with rules and whatnot, or is it the kind of deal where you agree to let the word go if the definition sounds plausible enough, and can be delivered without stopping first to think it up? I'd really love to know, so we can start playing it. Thank you for your time.

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