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#1, RE: Lying Bastard Scrabble, anyone?
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-02-05 at 09:53 PM
In response to message #0
>So, I said to myself, why not go to the person(s?) who implanted the
>concept in your brain and ask? So, is this some codified form of
>Scrabble with rules and whatnot, or is it the kind of deal where you
>agree to let the word go if the definition sounds plausible enough,
>and can be delivered without stopping first to think it up?

I never bothered making up actual rules for LBS, and as far as I know none exist elsewhere - I just made it up for the sake of a couple of offhanded references. It's not a real game like Knightmare Chess (although the game of KC featured in the Symphony isn't played according to the official rules, as a certain segment of the population never tires of informing me).

Your interpretation above is pretty close to the way it works in my mind, though. It's just a variation of Scrabble where the idea is to make words up and present them to the other players. The keys to the whole thing are quick wits - making up the words on the spot based on what's on your rack - and confidence, since you have to sell the concept to the other players. Not that you have to make them believe it's a real word - the game is called "Lying Bastard Scrabble", after all - but still, putting it across with authority tends to help one's case. The idea is to come up with something that looks like it could be a real word, albeit one you'd have to look up if you found it in a book you were reading.

In the pure form of LBS, no real words are allowed, and a player accidentally making up a word that can be proven real is disqualified.

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