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#2, RE: Lying Bastard Scrabble, anyone?
Posted by kitsuneko1976 on Apr-03-05 at 11:50 PM
In response to message #1
LAST EDITED ON Apr-03-05 AT 11:50 PM (EST)
>The idea is to come up with something that looks like it
>could be a real word, albeit one you'd have to look up if you
>found it in a book you were reading.

Kind of like glarking it from context, right? By the way, what exactly is the etomology (i hope i spelled that right) of that word, anyway?
>In the pure form of LBS, no real words are allowed, and a player
>accidentally making up a word that can be proven real is disqualified.

This sounds like immense fun, but oy, imagine the arguments...I'm going to have to try it...thank you again for the help.

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