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#0, Something I just thought of...
Posted by Peter Eng on Jul-22-16 at 06:24 PM
"Utena," he said, in a friendly tone which suggested that he'd expected better from her, but forgave her. "I'm -everywhere- people need pizza."

Does this mean that Zachiel is the angel of Pizza Delivery?

Peter Eng
Given how hard he works at it, it seems likely he'd have a Word by now.

#1, RE: Something I just thought of...
Posted by Proginoskes on Jul-23-16 at 00:26 AM
In response to message #0
The metaphysics under which Undocumented Features operates don't quite mesh with those of In Nomine, but I agree that if they did, Zachiel would definitely have earned the Word. Heck, if he earned it back in the twentieth century, he might actually have become the Archangel of Succor by the twenty-fourth, allowing his statement above to be literally true!

The second sentence is (mostly) a joke.