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Posted by BZArcher on Apr-19-15 at 11:47 PM
I've good and bad news.

Good: As the "mid-season finale", OWAW 14 is going to be a double length episode!

Bad: We're running a skosh behind on it - but should have it in the wild by tomorrow, I think!

In the meantime, here's a little something for you.

Tuesday, June 11
1830 hours
Château Saint-Ulrich

Through the years that the 501st JFW had fought together, several traditions had formed. Major holidays were recognized (combat operations permitting), Lucchini Sleeps Wherever She Wants, and most importantly, where possible, they would work with their fellow witches in neighboring units to arrange for coverage to allow the entire wing, including their Night Witches, to celebrate birthdays together.

Tonight, that meant that Sanya and Heidemarie were both looking forward to an evening spent with their friends as they gathered to celebrate Lynne Bishop's 17th birthday.

With Wilma sitting beside her at the long dining table and an open chair for her wife left open on her right, Lynne awaited the evening's repast. Earlier on, she had been given firm instructions that she was not to cook dinner or bake her own birthday cake. Instead, she'd decided to spend a bit of her day to sew a new tea dress for herself from some lovely saffron-colored fabric she'd found on her last visit to town.

"You know," Wilma joked, "You're supposed to get us to get you birthday presents."

Lynne blushed at that, but recovered quickly when she'd been assured the dress was quite lovely by her friends.

Dinner that evening, provided by Yoshika, Gryphon, and Christiane Barkhorn, was a rather Brittanian affair, in honor of the occasion. Beef Wellington, slices of homity pie, and mushy peas for the main course, followed by the presentation of a gigantic raspberry custard trifle for dessert, accompanied by several bottles of the local Riesling.

Happily stuffed full, the assembled Witches retired to the living room, where music and cards had been laid on by Erica Hartmann.

"It's kind of funny," Elia observed to the birthday girl as they sat down to a round of bridge with Trude and Francie Whittle, "You and Wilma have your birthdays so close together - and isn't your younger sister's syntymäpäivä in May, too?"

Wilma snickered, overhearing the question. "Yep, Darjeeling's is about halfway between us, on May 28th." Giving her younger sister a sly look, she continued, "Our mom always seemed to get the most out of September."

Making a show of examining her hand of cards, Lynne mumbled what was probably the start of "I couldn't possibly comment", but was saved by Yoshika interrupting the start of bidding to lean in and deliver an impressively long kiss, to the cheers and applause of the room.

Posted by Bakuryu_Hitsuri on Apr-20-15 at 00:47 AM
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Oh man.. always worth the wait.

Also.. I'm 90% sure I'm going to get in trouble at work for constantly checking my phone/reading when it does release.

Will be worth it.