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#0, Delurk~
Posted by Spectrum on Nov-16-16 at 03:26 AM
Figured I'd been reading long enough that I should maybe start posting. *cough* Anyway, hello! Long time, first time. :) Eyrie first came to my attention when the MOT (on whose social board I used to hang out) and SVAM folks gave some of your works the MST treatment. I figured I might as well be fair and read the original works in their entirety, given your fairly wide body of work even at the time. While to this day I'm still not the hugest fan of NXE, I more or less fell in love with Symphony of the Sword right as you started releasing it and have stuck around reading to this day.

(And I recognize a number of other posters from various other forums, so hello to you all.)

#1, RE: Delurk~
Posted by BZArcher on Nov-16-16 at 08:32 PM
In response to message #0
Welcome, and hello!