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#0, (ANNC) Change of Plan and All That
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-19-15 at 01:50 AM
So, you're all aware that I was going to do a sequel to Lensmen: The Brave and the Bold Presents "New Tricks" called Lensmen: The Brave and the Bold Presents "Old Tricks".

Well, plans change sometimes, and as we got into developing Old Tricks, it started becoming obvious that, by the sheer nature of the thing, it was going to end up a lot more vignette-y than New Tricks was. Like the show it's based on, OT was developing into a Series of Events rather than a single narrative. It started reminding me a little of The Federation Lives Forever!...

... and then I thought, well, why not make it another Serial Experiment, then? TFLF is on hiatus right now, and unlike it, the New Tricks follow-up isn't going to have to worry about running into the chronology of the other stories around it, because it's all happening in an alternate 1946.

So over the course of the day today, that's what I did. Starting Rather Soon™, what was originally going to be Old Tricks will commence as another Attempting To Be Weekly series in the TFLF mold. Think of it as a spinoff series from LB&tB airing in that coveted Friday-at-9 timeslot. Avalon 17 Presents: Our Witches at War!

To get the party started, here is a tiny sample of the first episode, "The Man Who Fell to Earth - Again":

###ayday may#ay, any##e on t##s fr#que#cy, ### one four one ####aring an emer###cy. I am at fl###t level ##irty and have l### all p#w##, rep##t, angels three #ero and noth###'s work##g. Anyb##y out th##e, I c##ld re##ly use a ha#########

The Our Witches at War page, Episode 01, and a TFLF-style web archive version of the promotional character profiles from the OT teaser thread will be along shortly. Possibly later today (Monday), if I have the time. After the premiere, the regular "airdate" will be Fridays, as before.

Finally, in honor of the holiday today, this seems like an appropriate moment to share the following profile of an original witch character who may be appearing at a later date in Our Witches at War.

Willa A. Campbell
Captain, United States of Liberion Army Air Forces
"Wild Billie"

Nationality: Liberion
Date of birth: April 12, 1929
Familiar: Tabby cat
Striker model: North Liberion P-51D Mustang
Weapon of choice: M1919 Browning machine gun

One of the famed "Tuskegee Witches", the first group of African-Liberion witches to be permitted into combat by the segregated US Army, Wild Billie Campbell is a pioneer in many senses. A bit of a tomboy and always up for a fight, she much prefers being on the front lines to downtime back in the States - the Neuroi don't care what color she is, and neither, she finds, do most of the witches she fights alongside, particularly once she shows them how good she is at her job. She's highly experienced, having been in action first in North Africa, and then in Europe, since shortly after the USL joined the war in 1942.

She and Shirley know each other from the latter's sojourn in Africa between the Britannia and Romagna campaigns; like her, Campbell was an unattached operative ("witch without portfolio" is her joking phrase for it) who spent some time with, but was never formally attached to, the 31st Joint Fighter Squadron (Afrika). She's now with the 511th Joint Fighter Wing out of Lichtenberg, Alsace (about 60 miles north of Ribeauvillé where the 501st is based), but her P-51 Striker still sports the distinctive red tails of her old unit, the 99th Fighter Squadron. It's a slightly outdated model, but she doesn't care - it's served her well, and at this point it's almost as heavily modified as Shirley's.

Willa's "ace archetype" is William A. "Wild Bill" Campbell, the most decorated of the Tuskegee Airmen, who received the Distinguished Flying Cross twice during his service in Europe. (Her familiar is a yellow tabby cat because she's a graduate of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, later Tuskegee University, whose mascot is the Golden Tigers.)

So there you have it - a few goodies, and some more to come. (I've got a bunch more original witch profiles, though some are spoilers for future OWaW episodes. Maybe I should look into getting some of them illustrated.)

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#1, RE: (ANNC) Change of Plan and All That
Posted by SpottedKitty on Jan-19-15 at 06:13 AM
In response to message #0
Excellent news! Looking forward to settling down comfortably to read the first episode.

(I've been sampling what YouTube has to offer over the weekend, and I'm really beginning to like this setting. Giving it a UF spin will definitely be the cherry on the cake.)

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#2, RE: (ANNC) Change of Plan and All That
Posted by eriktown on Jan-19-15 at 09:52 AM
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That's a great character concept! And very fitting for the holiday.

#3, RE: (ANNC) Change of Plan and All That
Posted by StClair on Jan-19-15 at 04:54 PM
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