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#0, a process musing: S5M5
Posted by Gryphon on Aug-07-13 at 10:43 PM
I've now reached the stage of the project where, looking at the file size, I'm either more than halfway there or it's the freaking NXE movie - and yet, paradoxically, the end of the tunnel is no longer visible. Can't see the forest, etc.

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#1, RE: a process musing: S5M5
Posted by Verbena on Aug-07-13 at 10:46 PM
In response to message #0
It means you're inspired! Take it as a good thing.

If you're truly worried about file sizes, there's always a part one and part two thing like in Knights.


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#2, RE: a process musing: S5M5
Posted by Lime2K on Aug-08-13 at 01:34 AM
In response to message #1
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'Course, if he does that we might turn into Rabid Crack Weasels again...

I do like the inspiration, though -- Always a good thing!
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